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 Forum Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Regulations   Forum Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 1:39 am

Article 1 : Racism

Being an international forum, people all around the world will register and will post here. Racist behavior and comments that lead to discrimination or prejudice will not be tolerated under any circumstances. It will result in an automatic Ban or even a permanent expulsion without explanation.

Article 2 : Pornography

The is no place for pornography or any other form of material that may be considered improper. Posting of such material will result in a one month suspension or even more, depending on the severity of the offense. Members offending more than once will be expelled permanently.

Article 3 : Warez / Cracks / Piracy

Anyone found posting links to Illegal software downloads , will be suspended for a month or more , depending nature of the content posted by the offender. Le's make it clear : No Cracks, No Warez, No ‘Back-ups’!

Article 4 : Verbal Abuse and Speech that portrays Malice

Lighthearted swearing is perfectly legal in our books. But language that depicts violence, hate, bashing or prejudice of ANY kind towards a user in a spiteful manner will be dealt with utmost severity. A Verbal Warning will be meted out immediately and repeating offenders will be banned or expelled depending on the nature of the offense.

Article 5 : Spamming

Members posting the same material over and over and making ignorant and pointless threads will be immediately suspended. Members offending more than once will be Banned - whichever may be more appropriate in that situation. Spamming is a serious offense and the offender can have his Internet privileges taken away if reported by the JUVENTUS FC Forum to the person’s Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Article 6 : Post Boosting

Its Quality over Quantity here. Pointless threads or posts will be deleted and people trying to Boost their Post Count will be warned if the offense is repeated over and over. Severe cases of post boosting will result in your post count being slashed in half or more or will result in a 2 weeks suspension. Meaningless replies that convey nothing but the obvious can also be deemed as Post Boosting.''

Article 7 : Off-topic threads

Keep appropriate threads in the appropriate forums made for that purpose. For example , the Transfer Market forum is not the place to discuss your favorite artist latest music album. The Administrators or Moderators will move the off-topic threads to the appropriate forum but members repeatedly making the same offense will be Verbally warned or will be suspended.

Article 8 : Signature Images

Signature images are a nice way to express yourselves. But remember it’s a privilege and can be taken away if you fail to comply with the rules. You are not allowed to use more than one image in your signature. If you will , you will immediately be Verbal Warned by one of the Administrators or the Moderators . If after the warning, you won't perform any changes to you signature, your signature rights will be lifted away. If your signature contains pornographic content, you will be judged for braking the Article 2.

Article 9 : Administrators and Moderators

The Administrators and Moderators are here to make your experience at the JUVENTUS FC Forum an enjoyable one. They are here to make sure the rules are followed and that the high standards set by Soccer Gaming are maintained. Any comments towards the Forum Moderators or Administrators that suggest hate, contempt or any other form of abuse will not be tolerated and the offending member will be immediately suspended and even expelled if the offense repeats itself.

Article 10 : Multiple Accounts (Clones) :

Remember - Only ONE account per person. If Multiple accounts are detected with an IP search, please note that both your accounts will be Banned. Also, if a user has been banned, it is not permissible to make another account. Otherwise your IP Address will be banned and you won't be able to access the site altogether. Also please note that if you do have existing Multiple accounts, please let the Administrators or Moderators know at your earliest. We will do the needful and it will prevent your un-necessary banning.

Article 11 : Forum Language

Being an international forum , it make sense that you won't be allowed to post in your mother tongue (an least your mother tongue it's English). The official language of this forum is English and it would be better if anyone who doesn't speak English to quit the registration in the first place. In the rare occasion that you have a good reason for posting in a foreign language, it is essential that you provide an English translation. Anyone who persistently posts in other languages than English , will be suspended or even Banned, if the if the offender still persists.

As a final point, these rules are not open for negotiation, or discussion. They are set and this post is a warning to try and prevent unneeded suspensions or bans.

We wish you a pleasant stay !

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Forum Rules and Regulations MyAlexSig
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Forum Rules and Regulations
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